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Weekend Shuttle Busing Scheduled Along SEPTA’s West Trenton Line

Transit News | November 10th, 2016

SEPTA says that shuttle buses will replace all Saturday and Sunday train service at West Trenton, Yardley and Woodbourne stations along the West Trenton Regional Rail Line to accommodate CSX-SEPTA Track Separation project construction. The weekend shuttle busing will take place on November 12-13, 2016 and November 19-20, 2016.

Passengers traveling inbound to Center City will board shuttle buses at West Trenton and Yardley Stations earlier than regularly scheduled train times. After departing from West Trenton Station, the buses will travel to Woodbourne Station where passengers will transfer to trains to complete their trips into Center City. Trains will depart from Woodbourne Station five minutes earlier and will arrive at Center City Stations at regularly scheduled times.

Outbound trains traveling towards West Trenton will depart from Center City Stations at regularly scheduled times and will only travel as far as Woodbourne Station. Passengers traveling to Yardley or West Trenton stations will need to board shuttle buses at Woodbourne Station to complete their outbound trips. Buses will depart from Woodbourne Station five minutes after trains arrive and will arrive at Yardley and West Trenton Stations later than regularly scheduled.

Schedules are available online at http://septa.org/alert/pdf/2016-11-wtr-wknd-bus.pdf

Shuttle bus boarding locations are noted in the supplemental timetables. The West Trenton bus boarding location is near the station on Railroad Avenue. Yardley customers will board shuttle buses next to the station.