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TMA Bucks Foundation Receives Bucks County Tourism Grant For Bicycle Repair Stations

TMA News | January 16th, 2024

The TMA Bucks Foundation is proud to announce it was selected to receive funding through the Bucks County Tourism Grant Program to purchase bicycle repair stations for Core Creek Park and Peace Valley Park of the Bucks County parks system that will enhance the overall visitor experience and significantly benefit the community for everyone that travels to, lives, and works here.

“By improving the bicycling infrastructure with this grant funding, Bucks County can aim to attract a wider range of visitors who are actively seeking outdoor recreational activities,” explained TMA Bucks Executive Director Stephen Noll. “Cycling tourists often stay longer, explore local businesses, and contribute to the economic growth of the area by staying overnight, shopping and dining.”

The Bucks County Tourism Grant Program was established between Visit Bucks County and the County of Bucks, in 2008, to assist in the development and enhancement of tourism initiatives in Bucks County.

“Bicycle repair stations demonstrate a commitment to the safety and reliability of the cycling infrastructure here in Bucks County, which can attract more tourists and encourage repeat visits to our beautiful parks,” said Bucks County Parks and Recreation Executive Director, Angie Nagle. “We are thankful for TMA Bucks identifying this funding source and partnering with us to improve our parks to make them premier destinations that are bicycle friendly.”

TMA Bucks aims to have the bicycle repair stations for Core Creek Park and Peace Valley Park purchased and installed in Spring/Summer 2024.

TMA Bucks continues to make bicycle initiatives a priority in Bucks County through several safety assemblies, “Bike Nice/Drive Nice” awareness events, the Bucks County Pop-Up Bike/Pedestrian Lane Project, and ongoing partnership with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.