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TMA Bucks Featured On Bucks County Conversations Podcast

Highway Safety News, TMA News | May 9th, 2022

Our Community Traffic Safety Program manager Carly Mannon was recently a guest on the County of Bucks podcast, Bucks County Conversations, to discuss highway and traffic safety.

TMA Bucks Foundation board member Rich Vona, who is director of law enforcement and safety for the County of Bucks, also explains his role in Bucks County and how he coordinates with the county’s park rangers, security personnel and 39 police departments.

Stream and listen to the episode HERE

Bucks County Conversations is a podcast that captures real conversations happening within Bucks County’s government. Each episode features topical, important discussions about the county, including key points of the Bucks County Commissioners’ meeting, and discussion of new projects, initiatives and upcoming events. Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.