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SEPTA To End Third-Party Retail Sales Of Tokens & Magnetic Stripe Passes

Transit News | May 15th, 2018

SEPTA has announced that with more customers switching to the SEPTA Key, sales of tokens and magnetic stripe TransPass at third-party retailers will end this summer. SEPTA is replacing these sales – and adding more options for customers – with an expanded SEPTA Key External Retail Network throughout the city and region.

Sales of tokens at third-party retailers will end beginning July 15, and sales of magnetic stripe Weekly TransPasses will end on Monday, July 30. In addition, July will be the last month for which customers can purchase a magnetic stripe Monthly TransPass at a third-party location.

SEPTA ended sales of tokens and magnetic stripe TransPasses at Authority-operated sales offices earlier this spring.

(Please note: Tokens will continue to be sold in bulk to social service agencies, as work continues to implement a new method for these organizations to provide SEPTA fares to their clients.)

SEPTA is working to expand the number of locations where customers can get a Key Card. In addition to station kiosks and SEPTA sales offices, the SEPTA Key External Retail Network has grown to over 300 locations. This includes convenience and grocery stories, pharmacies and a variety of other retail outlets. For more information on External Retail Network locations, visit http://www.septa.org/key/external-retailers.html.