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Transit News | April 12th, 2016

SEPTA has announced it has redesigned its ISEPTAPHILLY.com website. The new site is a great way to start your journey of must-see places and hot events across the Philadelphia region.

“We’ve added a Twitter feed, a page focused on top area destinations and attractions and how to get there on SEPTA, and our blog- We’re Getting There – that allows for user comments,” said SEPTA Director of Marketing Elizabeth Bradford. “We also added a Resources page that includes information on the SEPTA app and on other useful transit tools, and we’ve incorporated Google Transit into the Plan Your Trip and the search feature.”


The re-launch of ISEPTAPHILLY.com still incorporates the Instagram feed; a content page highlighting local happenings (which are now shareable, can be downloaded to a calendar and with one click the visitor can plan his or her trip) and how to get there on SEPTA; and contests. The site is also optimized for mobile use.

In addition to managing ISEPTAPHILLY.com, SEPTA also maintained septapassperks.org, a site launched in 2006 to house details on SEPTA’s Pass Perks loyalty program.

“We had a goal to grow the program and we knew we couldn’t do so with the existing Pass Perks site. At the same time, we wanted to make ISEPTAPHILLY.com more dynamic,” added Bradford. “We incorporated Pass Perks, which can also be shared via Twitter and Facebook, into the ISEPTAPHILLY site. Now, we no longer have to manage, and more importantly, no longer need direct customers to two different sites.”