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SEPTA Launches Mobile Ticketing Pilot Program: “SEPTA Key Tix”

Transit News | December 15th, 2022

SEPTA is launching a mobile ticketing pilot program that offers riders an easy-to-use option to purchase tickets for one or more people using a smartphone.

“SEPTA Key Tix” is available within the SEPTA app for trips on buses, trolleys, the Broad Street Line, Market-Frankford Line, and Norristown High Speed Line. Customers can use a credit card to download a QR-code “ticket” that can be read at fareboxes and turnstiles.

SEPTA Key Tix gives families and friends traveling together the capability to scan once and pay fares for up to five riders using a single barcode.

This program does not replace SEPTA Key Cards, but instead, provides a simple solution for occasional riders who want to enjoy the same benefits as cardholders, including one free transfer per Transit trip.

SEPTA plans to expand the program to Regional Rail in 2023.

For more details and how to use SEPTA Key Tix please go to https://www5.septa.org/how-to-use-septa-key-tix/