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SEPTA Key Zone 4 “Early Adopters” Program Expands To Weekly TrailPasses

Transit News | August 28th, 2018

SEPTA has announced it is expanding the Regional Rail “Early Adopters” Program to include Weekly TrailPasses for customers who use selected Zone 4 Stations. This follows the launch of Monthly TrailPasses on Key Cards for Zone 4 customers in August.

The Early Adopters phase allows SEPTA to begin sharing the benefits of the Key with Regional Rail riders while work continues on system-wide implementation. All existing fare products, including magnetic stripe TrailPasses and paper tickets will continue to be accepted until further notice.

SEPTA Key Cards Loaded with Weekly Zone 4 TrailPasses will be available for purchase at the five Center City Regional SEPTA Sales Offices on Wednesday, August 29, for the week beginning Monday, September 3. Monthly Zone 4 TrailPasses on SEPTA Key Cards for September can also be purchased on a new card or reloaded onto an existing card at the Center City sales offices.