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SEPTA Key Rollout On Regional Rail Continues Over Summer With Upcoming Milestones For Transition Of Weekly & Monthly TrailPasses

Transit News | June 27th, 2019

SEPTA has announced the rollout of the SEPTA Key on Regional Rail will continue in the coming months, with several milestones this summer and into the fall.

All fare kiosks in the unpaid areas of the five Center City stations (University City, 30th Street, Suburban, Jefferson and Temple University) are now operational – assisting customers who are already using the Key Card, and helping SEPTA prepare for others who will be switching over. The kiosks can be used to purchase Key Cards loaded with Weekly or Monthly TrailPasses, or one-day passes, and to reload Regional Rail passes.

SEPTA has set dates to begin phasing out sales of legacy TrailPasses to transition customers to Key Cards (please note that some customers who receive employer-sponsored passes and/or through a pre-tax benefit may continue to receive legacy TrailPasses beyond these dates):

  • Weekly Zones 3 and 4 TrailPasses the week beginning Monday Aug. 12 (passes available for purchase as of Wednesday, Aug. 7)
  • Weekly Zones 1 and 2 TrailPasses the week beginning Monday, Sept. 9 (passes available for purchase as of Wednesday, Sept. 4)
  • Monthly Zones 3 and 4 TrailPasses beginning with the October Monthly pass (passes available for purchase starting Sept. 20)
  • Monthly Zones 1 and 2 TrailPasses beginning with the November Monthly pass (passes available for purchase starting Oct. 20)
  • One Day Independence Pass: As of Sept. 3, there will be no on-board purchases of One Day Independence Passes. Customers can continue to purchase paper Independence Passes at Regional Rail sales offices, or load them onto Key Cards.

In addition, Travel Wallet for Regional Rail is expected to be available later this year. SEPTA is also finalizing plans to accommodate customers transitioning to the Key who purchase monthly parking permits. Details will be announced at a later date.

The newly overhauled Key e-commerce website is also helping customers get started with the new payment system, and easily manage their accounts. The updated site is more intuitive, with a fresh design and layout. It is a responsive website, meaning it automatically adjusts its display for any device, such as Apple and Android phones and tablets. It is also easier to load fare products, get news and information about the SEPTA Key, manage your account, access trip history and add or remove payment methods.

To register your card or to manage your account, go to https://www.septakey.org/. There are also FAQs and other details about the Key.