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SEPTA Key Launches For ‘Early Adopters’

Transit News | June 13th, 2016

SEPTA will welcome its first customers to the future of fare payment with the launch of the SEPTA Key “Early Adopter” program beginning Monday, June 13. This phase allows SEPTA to begin sharing the benefits of its fare modernization initiative with the public, while continuing work toward system-wide implementation.

During the Early Adopter program, up to 10,000 riders will be able to get an instant SEPTA Key card with their purchase of a Weekly or Monthly TransPass. These transit pass products are valid for travel on subway lines, city and suburban bus routes and trolleys.

For the Early Adopter program, SEPTA Key cards will be available at fare kiosks located at 12 stations on the Market-Frankford and Broad Street Lines, and the SEPTA Sales Office at 1234 Market Street.

All existing methods of fare payment will continue to be available to purchase and use throughout the Early Adopter program. SEPTA will give advanced public notice before any existing fare instruments – such as tokens, paper transfers, tickets and magnetic stripe passes – are phased out.

When fully implemented, all riders will be able to use SEPTA Key branded cards – or other contactless payment devices – to ride seamlessly throughout the system on all modes of travel. Regional Rail and CCT Paratransit will be included in a later phase of the SEPTA Key rollout.

Early Adopters will be the first to experience some of the benefits of the SEPTA Key. For example, SEPTA Key card holders will not have to go out and get a new TransPass every week or month – the contactless card can be reloaded online, or at fare kiosks. Early Adopter participants can also register their cards to protect against loss or theft.

For more information about the SEPTA Key Early Adopter Program visit http://www.septa.org/key/