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SEPTA Bus Revolution Project Update For Bucks County

Transit News | January 3rd, 2024

The SEPTA Bus Revolution Project Team has provided an update on changes made to the new network and how it will impact Bucks County in this last round of comments received during the public hearings in September 2023.

On the SEPTA Bus Revolution Project website, you will see both the Recommended Bus Network along with a Response Report, with SEPTA’s response to comments received during the hearings and an explanation of recent revisions.

In Bucks County, there were very few changes after the public hearings:

  • Route 129 was adjusted at the request of Bucks County Planning Commission, to serve a new government center in Levittown.
  • Patterns serving industrial parks on Route 129 were returned to the fixed-route alignment.
  • The Bristol Croydon On-Demand zone was adjusted to not overlap with the 129 alignment.

With these minor revisions, SEPTA is able to make significant improvements to bus service in Bucks County that includes the following:

  • More frequent and consistent service on all routes in Bucks County, including Sunday service on Route 127 and both on-demand zones.
  • Created Route 87, a new 30 MAX service to connect important destinations in the county like Bucks County Tech Park, Neshaminy Mall and Parx Casino with all day, frequent service.
  • More direct service between Bucks County and Trenton Transit Center via a streamlined Route 127.
  • Realigned Route 129 to serve industrial job centers as well as a new Bucks County Government Center.
  • Preserving access in Feasterville-Trevose, Upper Southampton, Warminster, and the Route 611 Corridor to Doylestown where access to jobs, retail, and services is critical for county residents.
  • Introduced Route 83, a new crosstown connection between Torresdale Regional Rail Station and Willow Grove Mall and Regional Rail Station serving neighborhood shopping centers, Bethayres Station, and Holy Redeemer Hospital, which connecting people in lower Bucks County more easily with service traveling north to the county seat in Doylestown to provide access to jobs and destinations within the county.
  • Two new on-demand zones around Levittown and Bristol that would expand access to key county destinations via on demand service. The on-demand zones will also provide first/last mile connections to Regional Rail Stations on the Trenton Line.

Please frequently check out https://www.septabusrevolution.com/ for project updates.