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SEPTA Board Approves New Multi-Level Coaches

Transit News | March 24th, 2017

The SEPTA Board has approved the purchase of multi-level coaches for Regional Rail – a key part in the authority’s efforts to meet the needs of a growing railroad ridership.

SEPTA will purchase 45 multi-level coaches, with an option for 10 more, from CRRC MA Corp. As part of the Request for Proposal process, SEPTA received proposals from CRRC and two other companies, Bombardier and Hyundai Rotem.

The contract award was based on technical rating and pricing. SEPTA determined the CRRC proposal was the best value and most advantageous for the authority. The new multi-level coaches will meet “Buy America” requirements, with 60 percent or more of the parts, labor and fabrication done domestically.

The first of the new multi-level coaches are expected to be delivered in late 2019. The coaches will be paired with SEPTA’s new electric locomotives, which are currently being manufactured by Siemens. The multi-level coaches will be produced primarily at CRRC MA’s main U.S. manufacturing facility in Springfield, Mass. CRRC MA is a subsidiary of the largest railcar manufacturer in the world.

“SEPTA’s Regional Rail ridership has grown by more than 50 percent over the last 15 years,” said SEPTA General Manager Jeffrey D. Knueppel. “The addition of new multi-level coaches and electric locomotives are critical for expanding capacity and meeting the needs of our riders. These fleet upgrades will play a key role in advancing SEPTA’s Regional Rail Service Improvement Program.”

The Regional Rail Improvement Program is a comprehensive effort to address travel demand, on-time performance and overall service by renewing infrastructure, upgrading the rail fleet, utilizing new technologies and bolstering the workforce, along with other initiatives. For details about the program, please visit http://www.septa.org/service/rail/improvement/index.html.