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SEPTA Announces Proposed Fare Restructuring Plan

Transit News | March 12th, 2020

SEPTA has announced a “Fare Restructuring Plan” that eases the cost of travel for families, provides one free transfer to save customers time and money and introduces a new three-day pass. In addition, there would be no change to the base cash fare or the discounted rate for riders with disabilities and all service levels would remain the same.

In keeping with the recommendations of the Pennsylvania Transportation Funding and Reform Commission, SEPTA has adopted a practice of making modest, periodic fare adjustments every three years. SEPTA has made an effort to keep these proposed increases, which if approved would go into effect on July 1, within the range of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). In addition, this overall “Fare Restructuring Plan” is designed to better serve the needs of low-income communities and promote efficient travel across all SEPTA modes, system-wide.

Full details on this are available at septa.org