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Scudder Falls Bridge Improvement Project Update: 24/7 Closure/Detour Scheduled To Begin May 29 At Taylorsville Road On-Ramp To I-295 West

The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission is alerting motorists to prepare for an uninterrupted six-week closure and posted detour of the on-ramp from Taylorsville Road to I-295 West (old I-95 South) that is scheduled to begin Wednesday, May 29.

The ramp, which carries traffic from Taylorsville Road onto I-295 toward Newtown and Philadelphia, must be shut down so it can be reconstructed as part of the Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project. If all goes according to plan, the newly constructed ramp would open to traffic shortly after the Fourth of July.

Over the 40 days or so that the ramp is out of service, a posted detour will be in effect via the Scudder Falls Bridge and the Scotch Road interchange (Exit 73A) in New Jersey. The detour was determined in consultation with the Pennsylvania and New Jersey departments of transportation.

During the ramp shutdown period, the Pennsylvania Welcome Center along I-295 West between Exits 10 and 8 also will be closed to traffic. This will allow work crews to complete grading and paving activities along the Pennsylvania I-295 segment that that has been cordoned off to traffic for highway widening purposes since a major traffic shift went into effect last August.

The plan is for the new I-295 WB on ramp from Taylorsville Road, the new widened I-295 WB approach roadway segment, and the Welcome Center’s corresponding entry/exit lanes to be completed before or around the time the new Scudder Falls Toll Bridge’s first span opens to traffic in July.

The following posted detour will be in effect when the on ramp to I-295 West is closed at the I-295/Taylorsville interchange (Exit 10): (CLICK HERE TO VIEW DETOUR MAP)

  • Take the on-ramp for I-295 South and cross the Scudder Falls Bridge into New Jersey.
  • Proceed on I-295 South past the first two exits at Route 29 (U-turn unavailable due to construction activities) and CR-579/Bear Tavern Road (traffic lights and congestion).
  • Follow I-295 to Scotch Road North (Exit 73A) and use the loop ramps to cross over I-295.
  • Enter I-295 North to proceed back to the Scudder Falls Bridge into Pennsylvania where the highway designation changes to I-295 West toward Philadelphia.

Work crews are expected to begin implementing the closures and detours during the early morning hours of Wednesday, May 29. Job commuters heading on I-295 West toward Newtown, Oxford Valley, Route 1, Philadelphia and points south along I-95 should plan to expect to encounter the ramp closure that morning.

The aforementioned scheduled travel restrictions are subject to change due to weather, emergency, traffic, and equipment/materials mobilization considerations. Motorists are urged to allow extra time to reach their destinations, and to reduce speeds and exercise caution when travelling through project work areas.