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Read Steve Noll’s Letter To The Editor On Air Quality In The Bucks County Courier Times & The Intelligencer

TMA News | May 18th, 2018

Our acting executive director Steve Noll recently wrote a letter to the editor for the Bucks County Courier Times and The Intelligencer on Bucks County’s poor air quality. You can read the letter online HERE or view it below:

Bucks County’s poor air quality

The April 19 article “Report: Bucks ‘failing’ for air pollution…” draws much-needed attention to the issue of poor air quality in Bucks County. As we approach the season of warm, humid days when ground-level ozone, or smog, is normally at its worst, I encourage readers to learn about the Air Quality Partnership.

The Air Quality Partnership, administered in Bucks County by Transportation Management Association Bucks in partnership with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, is a public-private coalition dedicated to improving air quality in the Greater Philadelphia Region by providing air quality advisories and educating the public about air quality issues.

Employers, governments, and organizations of all sizes are invited to partner with TMA Bucks to receive alerts when poor air quality is forecast and learn how to take simple, no-cost actions that reduce smog-forming pollutants.

Tailpipe emissions from vehicles are a large contributor to smog. Ridesharing, using public transportation where available, and waiting until after dark to fill gas tanks are all excellent steps that the article mentions for reducing smog-forming pollutants.

Other possibilities to consider include working from home when practical, establishing flexible shift times to reduce peak-hour vehicle volume, and modified work weeks that completely eliminate one or more days of commuting per week.

TMA Bucks can assist companies, organizations, and municipalities with implementing any of these options or with building a customized program best suited to a particular organization.

There is no cost to participate in the Air Quality Partnership. The only requirements are appointment of a contact individual and a desire to improve air quality in Bucks County. Forecasts, program details, and contact information are available at https://www.tmabucks.com/resources/air-quality.

Stephen Noll