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Quakertown Community High School Students Try Virtual Driving Simulators

Highway Safety News, TMA News | March 31st, 2022

Our Community Traffic Safety Program recently partnered with Quakertown Borough Police Department and the Lehigh Valley Health Network to bring virtual driving simulators to Quakertown Community High School.

Students from all grade levels had the opportunity to take the wheel of distracted driving simulators to see how their lives can change in a matter of seconds when they’re on the road in a real-life situation.

“I hope it shows the consequences of what can happen,” said our Community Traffic Safety Program manager Carly Mannon. “[The students] can end up in jail, have fines or hurt someone. It’s not a game. These are real-life situations.”

The simulators were brought to the high school thanks to the efforts of school resource Officer Bob Lee and provided by the Lehigh Valley Health Network.

“The purpose of [the driving simulators] is to bring awareness and education to our young drivers about what can happen when they are distracted while driving,” explained Officer Lee. “It doesn’t only have to be about texting. Anything that takes your eyes off the roadway can quickly damage your life. These simulators are hands-on, virtual, 3D, which make more of an impact than someone lecturing you.”