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Official SEPTA App Has Been Updated To Include SEPTA Key

Transit News | August 21st, 2019

SEPTA has announced its official SEPTA App has been updated to include SEPTA Key, giving you the ability to manage your accounts and purchase fares with the tap of an icon. The Official SEPTA App also provides real-time travel updates, schedules and other tools.

Beta testing for this new feature was successfully completed earlier this summer. As of August 21, 2019, everyone has the option of adding their Key Card account information to the Official SEPTA App.

After opening the app, tap the SEPTA Key icon in the upper right-hand corner to login to your SEPTA Key account. You have the option of staying permanently logged on while using the app, or logging on with each session. (Hint: If you want to stay permanently logged in, your phone needs to be password protected.)

There are also options for customizing how Key Account information is displayed. That info is available from SEPTA at https://www.iseptaphilly.com/blog/keytokey