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New Tool To Help Riders Find Bike Routes With Less Car Traffic

Highway Safety News | May 3rd, 2021

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission has launched Ruti which is a new, text-message-based, trip planning tool that finds the bike route with the least amount of car traffic or traffic stress.

The text-message-based conversational app, developed by AG Strategic Design, uses Google Maps routing information and DVRPC’s Bike Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) data analysis to find the most comfortable bike route between two destinations. The route map sent by text, depicts the “stress level” of each part of a bike route so riders can see where traffic is highest, what streets have bike lanes, and whether there are sidewalks where they can walk their bike to avoid uncomfortable or stressful conditions.

With Ruti, a casual bike rider might find the most comfortable route, avoiding roads with lots of car traffic, to get to a farmers market, grocery store, or park by bike.

To register and use Ruti please visit: ruti.bike/dvrpc/register