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DVRPC Study Examines Corridors For Potential SEPTA Direct Bus Service

Transit News | October 7th, 2021

Four years ago, SEPTA launched a new travel option along Roosevelt Boulevard: Direct Bus, which combines frequent service and fewer stops with improved shelters, seating, and signage for riders.

Flash forward to today and SEPTA is beginning its Bus Revolution—a redesign of its entire bus network. As part of that effort, the agency is considering expanding Direct Bus service to elsewhere in Greater Philadelphia.

In this study, DVRPC staff worked with SEPTA and regional partners to examine fifteen corridors across Southeast Pennsylvania for potential Direct Bus service, evaluating them based on three different scoring schemes. Overall, the study found that corridors with high population and job density were most likely to be successful.

Read the report and see the full list of evaluated Direct Bus corridors on DVRPC’s website.