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DVRPC Share-A-Ride Program Offers Easy, New Way To Carpool

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission has announced a new Share-A-Ride website service that connects commuters who travel similar routes.

Share-A-Ride is a free, computerized service that matches commuters with transit options, potential carpool and vanpool groups, and even walking and bicycling routes. The program is administered by DVRPC and is part of the Mobility Alternatives Program (MAP), which also helps employers find better transportation options for employees.

The new Share-A-Ride webpage uses a mapping function to match commuters to better options, and even includes information on transit services and times, if relevant. Individuals can also track their commutes in the Commute Journal to calculate their vehicle travel, pollution, and money savings. For example, the Journal function estimates that a commuter who rides transit on a 30-mile round-trip commute, instead of driving alone – for just one day – saves about $13.75 and reduces air pollution by about 20 pounds.

“Mobile sources like cars, trucks, and buses are a major cause of air pollution in our region. In southeastern Pennsylvania, they account for almost 50% of NOX which is a major component of smog,” said Barry Seymour, DVRPC executive director. “Carpooling, vanpooling, or taking transit reduces air pollution, and also helps commuters save money and reduce the stress of going to and from work.” Employers can benefit, too: studies show that when employees don’t have to drive alone to work every day, they are on time more often, take fewer sick days, and are overall more productive.