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Download Our Telecommuting Guide To Help Improve Your Business!

TMA News | May 19th, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses and companies to go beyond simply evaluating the idea of employees working from home and finally implement it.

TMA Bucks has championed the positives of telecommuting for years in an effort to ease congestion on busy Bucks County roads and improve air quality through reduced vehicle emissions. To us, telecommuting has always been a winner.

We have developed a Telecommuting Guide that you can now download to help your business flourish.

Now is the time to take a look at your businesses telecommuting policy to refine it or simply implement one. Let this guide serve as the first step in helping your business organize, function in all environments and flourish, increase employee morale and productivity, and ease congestion on the roads while improving air quality!


“We have had such great feedback from our membership on how this guide has provided them much-needed assistance during an extremely challenging time that we wanted to extend this resource to the entire Bucks County business community to help them out when they need it most,” explained TMA Bucks executive director Steve Noll. “We hope this guide also serves as a reminder to businesses that telecommuting doesn’t need to stop once we reach a point where physical office locations can reopen,” added Noll. “There are so many benefits that telecommuting brings to the employer and the employees as well as the environment and entire Bucks County community.”