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Construction Schedule Announced For 2024 New Hope-Lambertville Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Road Work Updates | January 10th, 2024

The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission says the contractor for a 10-month-long rehabilitation project at the New Hope-Lambertville Toll-Supported Bridge (the “free bridge”) has submitted a construction schedule and a project-phasing plan that would enable uninterrupted pedestrian travel across the bridge for the project’s duration.

The contractor’s plan also ensures continuous Pennsylvania-bound vehicular crossings at the bridge. The Commission wanted project work sequenced in a manner that would prevent the free bridge’s Pennsylvania-bound commuters from being forced to use the nearby New Hope-Lambertville (Route 202) Toll Bridge, which is tolled in the Pennsylvania-bound direction.

New Jersey-bound vehicular travel at the free bridge, however, will now be subject to a continuous eight-month long detour to the nearby toll bridge, which is un-tolled in the Route 202-northbound direction for travel into New Jersey. The New Jersey-bound detour is expected to start on or about January 29 and continue without interruption through September.

The revised set of travel impacts for the bridge project was recently submitted to the commission by the project contractor, Anselmi & DeCicco, Inc. of Maplewood, N.J. Anselmi & DeCicco has prior experience in carrying out projects with pedestrian impacts in the New York City-North Jersey metropolitan area and has developed a plan to re-sequence the project’s work stages and their associated travel impacts.

The commission considers the plan to be an improved project-execution approach because it mitigates potential risks – notably supply-chain and winter-weather impacts – under the original project staging plan released to the public last summer.

Full details of this plan are available to view at https://www.drjtbc.org/2024/01/construction-schedule-announced-for-2024-new-hope-lambertville-bridge-rehabilitation-project/