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Sales Of SEPTA Legacy Weekly/Monthly TransPasses Ends June 1

Transit News | April 27th, 2017

SEPTA is taking another major step toward full implementation of the SEPTA Key on buses, subways and trolleys. Starting June 1, SEPTA will end sales of legacy magnetic-stripe Weekly/Monthly TransPasses and One Day Convenience Passes at SEPTA sales locations.

Instead of a legacy pass, customers will purchase passes loaded onto a SEPTA Key Card. Key Cards are currently and will continue to be available at fare kiosks at transit stations, major bus loops and SEPTA sales offices.

The TMA Bucks Transit Commuter Store will continue to sell Weekly/Monthly TransPasses and One Day Convenience Passes for the time being.

The SEPTA Key offers a number of benefits compared to legacy passes. For Weekly/Monthly TransPass customers, the move to the Key means no more waiting in line every week or month to purchase a pass. Customers have the option to reload online, over the phone or at a fare kiosks.

Balance protection – which is not available with the legacy magnetic-stripe passes – is also available with the SEPTA Key Card. Once you have your new card, call the Key Customer Call Center at (855) 567-3782 or go to https://www.septakey.org to register your account to protect against loss or theft.

SEPTA sales offices will continue sales of all other fare products after June 1, including tokens and TrailPasses. SEPTA has not yet set a date for the end of token sales. In addition, legacy Weekly/Monthly TransPasses will still be sold at outlying Regional Rail sales locations, and throughout SEPTA’s external sales network.

Please visit www.septa.org/key for the full list of SEPTA sales locations that are discontinuing sales of legacy Weekly/Monthly TransPasses and One Day Convenience Passes on June 1. For more information about the SEPTA Key, including a detailed FAQ that is updated regularly with new customer inquiries, visit www.septa.org/key.